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2player allows you to play music, movies, and slideshows on network devices attached to your home network as easily as you play them on your phone. Not only can play content stored on your phone; you can also play content from your Windows music collection (or your iTunes music collection, which Windows also publishes), or content stored on other network devices.

When first started, 2player searches your network for other network-attached devices. Devices that publish music, moves and pictures show up automatically in the 2player home page.

Clicking on any device allows you to browse the contents of that device. Playing content from remote devices works exactly the same as playing content from your local device.

To select the device you want to play to, click on the "Play To" selector at the top right corner of the screen.

Click to navigate in the main screen. If you long-press on folders, or albums, you can perform operations on the all of the tracks in that folder or album.

You can configure 2player to download new music, video and pictures from your computer on a regular schedule. Clicking on the location item in the Download and Sync preferences page allows you to select the folders or playlists from computers and devices on your network whose content you would like downloaded to local storage on your device. Sync your entire Windows music collection (or your iTunes collection); or — if you're short on storage space — select a playlist whose contents you want to be synced with local device storage.

When playing movies or slideshows to a remote device, 2player allows you to remotely control playback.