Configuring Other Devices for Use with 2player

The procedure for configuring DLNA devices varies from device to device. Usually, DLNA devices will serve media content out of the box; but remote control will be disabled by default. You may have to take additional steps to enable remote control. Please refer to the user manual for your device for further instructions.

DLNA Media Players should have no problem playing media files that have been shared by 2player as long as you have remembered to start the 2player Media Server.

Not all DLNA devices allow remote control, and it is unfortunately, often not easy tell whether a particular device does allow remote control. You may want to verify that the device does allow remote control by trying to "Play To" from Windows Media Center (or "Play To" from explorer, in Windows 8).

If your device should work, and it does not, we'd like to hear about it. Contact