About Us

The 2player development team has over 32 years of software development experience between them.

Robin Davies, Lead Developer

Robin is responsible for 30.1 years of that software development experience. He has been Software Development Lead for development teams that have won the PC World, and PC Magazine product of the year awards, was nominated for another, and missed winning a third because he refused to submit his shareware app to PC-Magazine's software download site, because he was off raising venture capital for a commercialized version during the Great Internet Bubble. Products for which Robin has been lead software developer for products have collectively won over two hundred best-in-category editorial reviews.

"The only pleasure greater than creating beautiful software is having people use it. I hope you get the same satisfaction from using it that I did from creating it. Or even better: that you use without thinking about it at all. Which is the way it should be."

-- Robin Davies

Sarah Davies, Vice President of User Interface Testing

Sarah is a 2nd-generation citizen of the digital revolution. She has never actually bought a physically manifested CD. She bought a record. Once. But that was for her father's birthday. While her father still has that breathless wonderment at technology that actually does something well, Sarah finds computers only slightly more interesting than a toaster, even though you can't currently watch Korean TV shows on a toaster. A veteran user of pretty much every Nano that Apple has ever produced, Sarah spent some time living on iPhones , before she graduated to the forces of niceness and goodness. Sarah now owns an Adroid phone. All of that qualifies Sarah uniquely as a UI tester for her father's software.

Sarah has a fine operatic mezo-soprano voice, and is currently studying music at Mount Allison University.


Contacting Us

Producing 2player is currently a part time job; I do try to responds to emails as quickly as I can. But please be patient and allow a day or two for a response.

Contact support at: support@two-play.com

Business inquiries may be directed to robin.davies@two-play.com