2player 2.0

"Seamless player. Simple mission statement, great execution, fluid interface."
"Best DLNA music player that I have found."
"Flawless operation and super intuitive interface."
— Google Play user reviews.

2player is a fully functional media player, that also turns your Android phone or tablet into a media hub for all the media devices on your Windows home network.

2player uses the "Play From" and "Play To" capabilities of Windows 7, Windows 8, and the XBox 360 media players to seamlessly move music from where it's stored to where you want to play it. Play music from your Windows computer's music collection on your phone; or play movies on your DLNA® TV. Or just use it to play content locally on your phone or tablet.

2player will also work with devices that support the UPnP® and DLNA Media Player protocols. Windows computers, DLNA televisions, DLNA wireless speakers, network storage devices (NASes), Blu-ray players, network media players, and many other livingroom devices can be joined together to move your music, movies and photos from where you left them to where you want them, effortlessly.

Install 2player on your Google TV device as well, so that you can send media to your home audio system as easily as you play music on your phone.

Download content from your media servers or Windows computers onto local storage with a single click.

2player also allows you to perform scheduled wireless syncing of your Windows media collection, or media collections stored on network media servers.

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* DLNA® and UPnP® are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. 2player is not in any way certified, or endorsed, or tested by the Digital Livingroom Network Alliance.